Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for questions?

Please view our broker Contact Sheet for useful information related to our Sales, Operations, Underwriting & Support teams.

On page 2 of the broker Contact Sheet you will find additional useful information on Approved AMCs, Lender IDs, Mortgagee Clause, Settlement Agent Approvals and more!

How do I know if my CD has been issued?

Once you have submitted all required items for CTC and have requested the ICD in the FLEX Portal, your disclosures team will prepare your ICD and send you a copy to review & approve. Once you approve, it is then sent to the borrower, and you get an automated email stating it’s been sent for the borrower to review & sign. You can view ‘ICD Requested’ date on the ‘Summary’ page under the ‘Key Dates’ section.

Where can I find loan documents?

Documents that are specific to a loan can be found in the DOCUMENT VAULT tab of the loan in the FLEX Portal. This includes your updated 1003, Lock Confirmation, AUS Findings, Flood Certificates, Closing Cost Estimates, and more!

What is my current Cash to Close?

From the DOCUMENT VAULT menu tab, select sub-menu item COMPLETED FORMS. From the available PDFs, select CLOSING COST BREAKDOWN to see the current cash to close.

What is your Lender ID Number?

FHA: 0071100005   VA: 9017260000

What do I need to provide for Keystone to issue an Initial CD?

  1. Rate Lock LE/Agreement must be sent and signed
  2. Prelim CD for Bank Attorney/Title Agent
  3. Title Company’s Wiring Instructions + E&O (Errors & Omissions) Policy
  4. Appraisal *
  5. Property Tax Information Sheet *
  6. Homeowners Insurance Policy *
  7. Payoffs (if refinance) *
  8. Flood Insurance Policy (if applicable) *

* These nonessential items are preferred but will not hold up the issuance of the ICD

How do I get my transferred appraisal reviewed?

The appraisal transfer process is managed by your POD Manager. To have an appraisal transferred to Keystone, email the following appraisal documents to your POD Manager:

  1. Appraisal
  2. Invoice
  3. Transfer Letter
  4. XML File

How do I know if my borrower(s) eSigned all disclosures?

The status of electronic signatures can be tracked in the IDS Fulfillment Dashboard. All Keystone

issued disclosures, including LEs and CDs, will be listed there. Log into with your same username/password that you use for FLEX and search by last name or loan number:

These Icons describe the status: unsigned docs reflect as grey and signed docs are in orange.

What do I need to do & provide for my LE submission?

  1. REGISTER LOAN on the Flex Main Page
  2. Select Target Closing Date, Loan Product, & Compensation Type
  3. Upload 3.4 MISMO File
  4. Price Loan on PRICE YOUR LOAN Tab – You may AUTO LOCK to lock the loan or SAVE TO LOS to float
    1. Credit Report
    2. Broker Fee Sheet
    3. Agreement of Sale (if purchase)